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7 Things Victims of Negligent Security Must Do Immediately


Being a victim of a robbery, attack, assault or other crime is a very scary situation. If you suffered through a crime like this on someone else’s residential property or on a commercial property, you may have rights presented to you through a negligent security lawsuit. This type of lawsuit becomes valid when the crime most likely could have been prevented if the business owner or homeowner implemented reasonable security measures. Read on to see what action items you’ll need to take right away to build your case.

Contact Appropriate Authorities

Call 911, campus police, store security or any other reasonable authority source at the first safe moment you have to do so. This is the first step to bringing the criminal into the justice system. Once authorities arrive, they’ll talk to you and gain as much information as possible. Try to be descriptive, even though it may be hard to talk about the incident. This police report will become evidence down the line if it goes to court. While on the scene with the presence of police officers, collect the names, numbers and even addresses of people around who may have saw the attack or have more information. Having the contact information of these people as well as the people who were with you immediately after starts a strong case foundation from the start.

Prioritize Yourself – Receive Medical Attention

It’s time to take care of yourself. Don’t try to heal your injuries yourself or “suck up” the pain because of insurance worries. Go to the hospital or a medical clinic right away to have your injuries looked at. Waiting too long for medical treatment could not only make an injury worse, but can increase treatment costs. No matter how minor your injury may be, seek medical attention right away. These medical reports could also be used as evidence in a court trial.

File Complaints with the Property Itself

Going back to the site of the attack, robbery or assault can be a nerve-wracking experience. Reaching out to the business, property owners or homeowner where the incident occurred allows you to file a report to make them fully aware of the incident. When it comes time to file a claim through this venue’s insurers, you’ll need to have legitimate data to back it up. Typically, a report like this will need to be filed within 24-48 hours.

Photograph Injuries and Damages

Now that you’ve received medical treatment to care for injuries, have a friend or family member assist you in taking photos of your injury. Include your face within the photos to make yourself identifiable. Also consider taking photos of any damage to your belongings if relevant. This is another strong way to build evidence in court.

Reach Out to a Negligent Security Lawyer

As you can see from the above steps, there are many intricate parts of a negligent security case. These types of cases are difficult and require the right amount of evidence for a valid case. Trying to do this on your own may compromise your chances of winning the case. Furthermore, working with an attorney who doesn’t specialize in these types of cases may also hurt your chances, as they aren’t familiar with the steps to take or the system’s process.

Avoid Discussing The Case with Insurance Claims Adjusters

Claims adjusters may reach out to you once the above reports are filed with the appropriate sources. Avoid speaking to these individuals and divulging any information until consulting with your attorney. Keep the conversation as brief as possible and don’t be afraid to openly state that you cannot answer questions at this time until your attorney is present. Statements that admit blame in any capacity could jeopardize your case. Unfortunately, these people aren’t on your side and a wrong statement could shrivel the chances of a settlement and justice.

Please, don’t delay in reaching out to a reputable negligent security lawyer. These professionals have your best interest at heart and will work tirelessly to bring the case to fruition and get you the settlement you deserve. Additionally, the criminal will be put to justice for their wrongdoings.