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Miami Negligent Security Attorney

Negligent security cases occur when a property owner or manager fails to provide its guests or invitees with reasonable security under the existing circumstances.  Prior history of violence on the property and the level of crime in the surrounding geographical area are major factors in most negligent security cases.  The negligent security lawyers at The Borrow Law Firm have the substantial training and experience necessary to handle your negligent security case and obtain an excellent case settlement.

Property owners are required to maintain their premises in a reasonably safe condition for the benefit of customers, guests, delivery persons and others who are invited onto the property or otherwise have a legal right to be there. This duty to provide a safe environment can be violated when the property owner is negligent regarding basic security measures necessary to keep people safe from assault or other violent crime. The injury attorneys at the Borrow Law Firm in Miami help assault and crime victims obtain compensation from landlords and others whose negligence encouraged or permitted the attack to take place.

Negligent Security and Inadequate Lighting

Typically dangerous areas where robbery or assault could occur include parking garages, carports, hallways and stairwells that are not well lit. Owners, landlords and property managers of apartment complexes, office buildings and shopping malls should all take care to see that these areas are properly lit and regularly maintained. Emergency call boxes, alarms and secure entries may also be appropriate depending upon the area. The negligent failure to provide adequate security puts people at an unreasonable risk for:

  • Assault/sexual assault
  • Robbery/mugging
  • Kidnapping
  • Carjacking
  • Theft
  • Vandalism

Just as a property owner’s duty to prevent a slip and fall is greater when the owner knows about a dangerous condition on the premises, a landlord’s duty to provide adequate security could also be heightened by the knowledge of danger in the area, such as a history of robbery, assault or other crime on the premises, or increased gang activity in the area.

Negligent Hiring, Retention, or Supervision

Miami and Fort Lauderdale boast a vibrant, active night life full of nightclubs, bars and lounges. Most club owners provide security for their patrons, including bouncers in the club and at the door, and security cameras in the club and parking lot. Unfortunately, sometimes security personnel can get out of control and cause serious physical harm beyond what is necessary to perform their duties. When security personnel are provided, the owner has a duty to take reasonable steps to hire qualified people and supervise them appropriately to make sure they are acting within the proper bounds of their occupation.

Experienced Miami Injury Attorneys Can Help with Negligent Security Cases

Negligent security is a complicated area of the law. It can be difficult to demonstrate why a property owner should be held liable for the intentional or violent acts of a third party. But when it can be shown that the property owner was negligent, and the attack would not have occurred but for the owner’s negligence in providing inadequate security, that property owner can and should be held liable for the injuries caused.

Assault and crime victims often experience lasting fear and psychological trauma long after the event. These serious physical and emotional injuries can be especially difficult to deal with. At the Borrow Law Firm, we help crime victims work through these issues by seeing that they are compensated for their injuries while holding responsible parties accountable and making sure such attacks don’t happen to others in the future. If you have been injured due to negligent security in Miami or Broward County, contact the Borrow Law Firm to speak with an attorney who can help.

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