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Drowning Deaths from Motor Vehicle Accidents Increasing in Florida


It goes without saying that car accidents are no joke and that almost all types of auto accidents can result in death with the right conditions. Accidents that occur on bridges or near a body of water put victims at a higher risk because the car can easily be rolled over guardrails or toss and turn into the body of water. Should the unthinkable happen, it’s critical that emergency responders and victims attempt to take careful next steps to save their lives. Cars quickly begin to fill with water once submerged and the pressure makes it impossible to open the doors and swim to the surface for safety. In addition to the water pressure, all electrical features cease to work underwater, meaning that automatic windows won’t roll down as planned. Florida is known for its beautiful beaches and various bodies of water. As a state with over 1,300 miles of coastline and home to various sea life, Florida is naturally more susceptible to these types of horrible car accidents.

Factors Leading to Auto Accident Drownings

Analysts have paid close attention to the available data on car accidents in Florida that have a body of water as an element in the case. Findings show that Florida sees at least once fatal drowning auto accident each week while America sees about 400 accidents over the course of a year. Most of the accidents involved two cars that either collided or swerved to try and avoid the other on winding roads. Some accidents did involve solo drivers who lost control of their vehicle or the site of the road in rough conditions.

Why Florida?

If you consider Florida state and the leading factors that contribute to drowning deaths from motor vehicle accidents, there are some clear indicators on why Florida sees more of these cases per year. With so many theme parks and resorts, Florida is both an American and global tourist’s favorite destination for sunny skies and thrills. The beaches are like no other around the world and are ideal for those looking to catch some rays and surf. Vacationers who head to Florida typically rent vehicles. While these vehicles are safe, the drivers are operating a vehicle that they aren’t familiar with in a new environment that could have different laws from back home. Drivers can be distracted by GPS devices or from trying to take in the sights while on the move. Like texting and driving, all it takes is a few seconds to lose control.

As mentioned above, Florida has over 1,300 miles of coastline driving. These include everything from major expressways to unpaved roads off the beaten path. Should a road curve unexpectedly or a gust of wind from the water come through, an unprepared driver may react. Lawmakers are moving to increase signage on roads that pose a risk to drivers and build barriers to protect drivers.

Being involved in this type of accident is a life altering experience that could result in medical injury, vehicle loss and other related damages. If you or someone you care about has suffered through an accident of this nature, please call us to discuss your case. Experienced personal injury attorneys can review your case to protect your legal rights and ensure that you get the benefits you’re entitled to.