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Hoverboard Injuries – Do You Have a Case?

hoverboard injuries

Even though the holiday season is a few months behind us, the buzz surrounding hoverboards is still very much alive. They’ve captured the attention of young kids, teens, and young at heart adults for their techy aspects and thrills. Many question the name as these “hoverboards” don’t hover and aren’t actually boards. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been all fun and games for many hoverboard users. A significant amount of riders are getting injured on these boards and an overwhelming amount are reporting that their boards catch fire while charging. Without contest, it’s safe to say that hoverboards are 2015’s most dangerous holiday gift.

Product Liability Law and Hoverboard Injuries – What’s the deal?
Some hoverboard injuries would classify for valid product liability law claims. This set of laws works off of the principle that makers and manufacturers have a duty to create a safe product. Releasing a product with known faults and liabilities into the market can understandably cause various injuries and issues for consumers. Here are some of the most popular types of product liability lawsuits:

Manufacturing Defects: These target the fact that the manufacturing of the hoverboard itself was done in a way that leads away from the intended design and function.
Design Defects: This type of claim addresses the design itself, and aims to prove that it was flawed in a way that would make it significantly dangerous to the most careful of riders.
Warning Defects: Makers have a duty to educate consumers and make them aware of safety and functionality notes. Hoverboards that had inadequate instructions or warnings can mean the product is unsafe from the start.

Injured by a Hoverboard Rider
Some of us just aren’t brave (or coordinated enough) to attempt riding even the safest of hoverboards. What happens in the event of an injury from a hoverboard rider? If a rider ran into you with their hoverboard or caused damage to your property or belongings, a negligence claim could be in order.

Accidents happen, but there’s no excuse for someone’s careless actions and complete lack of compassion and awareness to their surroundings. Extreme reckless behavior certainly warrants a negligence claim against the rider.

Elements of a strong case:
• Being able to prove that a rider was using the board in a prohibited area
• Failure to read or follow directions of the intended use of a hoverboard
• Failure to take reasonable precautions to protect others

Each case has hundreds of intricate details, all of which can play an important role in your case’s success in court. Reach out to us for a free consultation to discuss your case.