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Do I Have a Case If I’m Injured in a Store Parking Lot?

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Whether you’re out running errands or out on the town for entertainment, an injury in a store parking lot is never planned for or ideal. Should you suffer an injury as a result of a fall in the parking lot of a retail property, there’s a chance that you may have a valid personal injury case. The key is to prove that your injury was a direct result of the store’s negligence to keep the parking lot safe and free of hazards to shoppers. Meeting with a personal injury attorney for a consultation is an easy way to identify elements of a case.

What are Premises Liability Laws?
Premises liability laws put property and retail owners on the hook for accidents or injuries that happen as a direct result of their negligence. A classic example of a personal injury case of this nature would be if a customer slipped on a patch of ice in the parking lot and fell due to the owner’s failure to salt the parking lot. While this example wouldn’t be one that would occur here in Florida, it’s an easy way to understand what elements a personal injury attorney is looking for to build a case. In a case like the one illustrated above, the store would be liable for medical expenses, compensation for lost work time and more.

There’s a certain element of trust that a consumer places in the hand of a retailer while shopping through their store or carrying their goods to the car. Premises owners have a duty to keep the property safe, and this comes through daily maintenance and precautions under certain situations. This applies to situations where a concern is identified and also to situations where an owner should have known about a problem but didn’t. To refer to the case above again, the owner of that property should have known the cold and wet conditions could cause the parking lot to freeze over and that it would be a wise move to salt. For your personal injury slip and fall case to be valid, the case itself must be considered within reason. Sometimes this isn’t the easiest thing to prove, and it’s another reason for why working with a reputable and experienced attorney is so important.

Personal Injury Lawyers Collect Valuable Details
Without details, accurate facts and other forms of proof, your case has no weight. During a consultation, an injury lawyer will ask you to recall the details of your injury and make notes accordingly. From there, they will work with you to obtain the needed details for a strong case. Click here to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case.