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Why Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys Are Crucial for Your Case

Personal Injury

Why Experienced Personal Injury Attorneys Are Crucial for Your Case

Cassie Malarza is a proud business owner of a strip mall in the suburban area of her city. A few years back she was surprised to find that she was being sued for a personal injury claim from an individual who was recently on her property. The individual said that the center’s parking lot was in poor condition and that they had tripped and fell due to a pothole while walking back to their car. Cassie knew that this wasn’t a strong case as she was meticulous about maintaining the property’s condition. Just to be safe, she contacted a reputable Personal Injury Attorney in town to work on the case. As the case progressed, the paperwork and claims that the plaintiff’s representatives submitted had a few peculiar claims that only an experienced attorney would catch. Thankfully, Cassie picked a law firm that exclusively focused on personal injury cases. This small misstep in the shady attorney’s paperwork was the driving force for Malarza’s win on the case.

Cassie discussed the case with a few of the business owners that rented space from her in the mall. They also agreed the claims seemed fishy and advised her to seek the opinion of an attorney. One of the business owners stressed that she speak to a firm that only worked on personal injury cases versus one that claimed to do it all. Armed with this information, Cassie reached out to the most prestigious personal injury lawyer in town. Now that the case is over, Cassie can breathe easy. It’s scary to think that the wrong lawyer could have cost her thousands of dollars in damages. Her family depends on the strip center’s tenants to do well and pay their rent. If Malarza lost the case, not only would she not have money to support herself, but she couldn’t improve or maintain the grounds. With the center in poor condition, tenants would move out, making the situation even worse…

Don’t play around when it comes to personal injury cases regardless of what side of the table you might be on. If you have been sued for someone’s personal injury or have found yourself injured due to another person’s neglect, it’s always worth your while to reach out and speak to a specialist. Not all lawyers are created equal and not all lawyers have the expertise across the board to deal with all types of cases. We will be the first to say that there are some excellent divorce lawyers in the area that we would go to in a heartbeat as attorneys ourselves should we be in need, and they would be the first to acknowledge that as good attorneys they don’t try to “do it all”. Hiring a personal injury attorney to work on your case could be life changing. Let’s look deeper into why personal injury attorneys are so valuable.

They Can See Through Insurance Company’s Tactics

Insurance companies are also no strangers to the intricate world of personal injury cases. It benefits them to do everything they can to ensure that claimants do not get a full payout. The less they are required to give up, the better. This strategy works for them because a majority of individuals don’t seek the help of an attorney or they seek the help of one who isn’t experienced enough to work the system properly.

They Can Detect Plaintiff’s Weaknesses

When you find yourself or your company being sued for a personal injury claim, the right personal injury attorney can sort through a plaintiff’s claims for weak facts.

They Can Provide Sound Proof for Your Side

What do you have to prove that you were injured, or alternatively that someone was NOT injured on your property? Depending on the situation, the documents needed will vary but can range from witness statements, police reports, CCTV footage or medical bills. Personal injury attorneys will take the time to sit down with you and learn every little detail that you have to share about the case. From that, we’ll pick apart the case and get the documents we need for strong evidence.

Talk the Talk on Your Behalf

Negotiating anything of such importance is typically not something one should do on their own behalf. Because personal injury attorneys work on hundreds of cases per year, they are some of the best negotiators around. When we put these refined skills to work for you, you will get a better settlement.

Pursue the Insurer if Needed

As mentioned earlier, it’s in the insurer’s best interest to not payout for personal injury claims. Some like to gamble and play games with personal injury cases and this is not something a personal injury lawyer will tolerate. You’ve been through enough and it’s critical that you get what you deserve. We’ll take care of working with the insurer and opening a lawsuit if needed. Working with a PI attorney also means that the system is more likely to work in your favor. We know the tricks the insurers play and when they do not respond or comply, an attorney can most likely get you even more in terms of damages.

Go After All Liable Parties

Personal injury attorneys can think outside of the box. Sometimes there is more than one party at fault for an accident. To go back to Cassie’s case and play devil’s advocate that the person was indeed injured on the property (even though we know this wasn’t the case), that person may not only be able to go after Cassie, but also after the pavement company that was hired to fix the pothole but did not do so adequately. A great personal injury attorney spends time exploring all of these avenues for you.

All cases are unique and each case brings new challenges for experienced attorneys, but it is their experience that allows them to step up to the plate and hit a homerun for you. Even for cases where it is painfully obvious that one party is wrong, a good PI attorney will assist with the paperwork and insurance process to make sure you aren’t getting jerked around.