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Can Technology Reduce Highway Fatalities in Florida?

By Brett Borrow |

  Technology is changing lives in various industries, and it’s no surprise that the auto industry is starting to get some seriously high-tech help. Assisted cruise control, wireless internet and hands-free options are just some of what automakers are doing to appeal to a high-tech customer. From the law enforcement side, technology is being… Read More »

shopping carts

The Danger of Shopping Carts for Children

By Brett Borrow |

Shopping carts are a staple of stores well beyond your typical food market. Besides being a good way to hold groceries or goods, it’s become a favorite with parents. The iconic seat can be a lifesaver for parents trying to shop with little ones in attendance. Although, the standard shopping cart child seat is… Read More »


Driving and Marijuana…Is it that bad?

By Brett Borrow |

As marijuana continues to push its way into the spotlight, the government and its respective agencies have no choice but to acknowledge it and the questions it poses. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has taken note, performing two studies to analyze the effects of driving while high on marijuana. So what do… Read More »

car insurance

What Happens with Rental Car Accidents? Everything You Need to Know

By Brett Borrow |

As a society, we’re very dependent upon personal vehicles to get to and from our destinations. So when your car is in the repair shop or you’re traveling out of state for business or pleasure, it’s no surprise that so many people rent cars. Even though rental car companies carefully select models with safety… Read More »


3 Common Causes of Car Accidents

By Brett Borrow |

Using a car to get around is something that many residents in Florida are no stranger to. There’s something to be said for having the freedom to just hop in your car and go wherever your heart desires. While you do everything you can to be a careful and cautious driver, others don’t always… Read More »


Escalator Injury Lawsuits

By Brett Borrow |

Escalators are common fixtures in many public places around town. You’ll see them within malls, certain office buildings, department stores, airports and more. Some could argue that they discourage healthier choices (like taking the stairs), but in reality they help to keep foot traffic moving seamlessly in public places. As a result of this… Read More »


Construction Site Accidents…Who’s Responsible?

By Brett Borrow |

The construction industry makes up for a large sector of employment for workers within Florida. Due to the nature of the work, injuries can sometimes happen. Although when a worker is injured on the job, they begin to go through the workers compensation system only to find that their benefits of choices are extremely… Read More »

Florida Supreme Court Seal

Florida Supreme Court Reverses Previous Negligent Security Ruling

By Brett Borrow |

Earlier in 2015, the Supreme Court of Florida issued a ruling against Sanders in the Sanders v. ERP Operating Limited Partnership. We’re writing this blog post with excitement as the Supreme Court has issued a new opinion which reverses an earlier Fourth District Court of Appeal decision. This reversal is a huge win for… Read More »


Why Tractor Trailer Crashes Are So Devastating

By Brett Borrow |

All automotive or vehicle collisions are terrifying, but when a tractor-trailer is involved, the damage is often intensified. The average tractor trailer is more than three times the size and weight of a typical four door vehicle. When a vehicle and a tractor trailer collide, there’s a greater chance for lives to be lost,… Read More »

car accident

Why Uninsured Motorist Coverage is SO Important

By Brett Borrow |

Car accidents arguably place just as much stress on the mind as they could physically on the body. No one expects a car crash and even the most simple or low key of accidents (like a low speed rear end at a red light) can have a paper trail that drags on for months…. Read More »